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Video Contributions | Trauma Reporting

Expanding a business can be hard work. And that’s ok. Not easy, but ok.

But then something happens, and you know exactly why you are doing it:

Recently, I needed to check with contributors that they are ok for me to use their video clips in my expanded work. These are bereaved parents and survivors of abuse who generously and constructively share, through my training, what helped and what harmed when talking with professionals about their terrible experiences.

I was a bit nervous, not wanting to impose. Their replies were immediate. Here are a couple of their quotes:

I’d be honoured to be part of this.
It means a lot to know I’m being useful again…anything you need, just ask
Good luck, you will smash it. Go girl!!

How extraordinary are they and oh my goodness, how they motivate me.

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Jo Healey

Founder, Trauma Reporting

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Talking Trauma Reporting...

Jo is an accomplished and popular speaker at conferences and on panels, early requests advised.

She is also available for consultancy, working with news teams on particular sensitive projects they may be about to cover.