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Talkwith grew out of the global success of the Trauma Reporting training. There’s a lot of insecurity among professionals generally around what to say, what to do and how to ‘be’ when talking with someone who is hurting. This session really helps them out.

What is Talkwith Training?

  • Do you feel comfortable having difficult conversations with colleagues, clients, customers, patients, students who are going through a tough emotional time?
  • What is a sensitive, effective and compassionate conversation?
  • Are you equipped to handle the conversation and its potential impact on you?
  • Could your organisation do with some help on this?

Professionals including but not limited to: managers, HR staff, police and frontline workers, health, social and welfare workers, Personal Injury and CPS lawyers, educators, Union reps, charity workers and anyone whose work involves talking with people who may be hurting.

Good practice when talking with people who are hurting.

  • How to make uncomfortable conversations comfortable, difficult chats easier.
  • How to talk with people who are grieving, survivors of abuse, people who may feel vulnerable for any number of reasons
  • Language, body language, empathy and listening skills
  • How to look after yourself when being exposed to other people’s distress

Talkwith Training is CPD certified training, accredited by Continuous Professional Development assessors.

As part of their job, vast and growing numbers of professionals have to have conversations with people who are suffering a harsh life experience such as bereavement, abuse, illness, injury. These conversations need to be handled with care, sensitivity and insight.

Inept handling can harm the professional, the person they are talking with and ultimately the business or organisation’s reputation. Handled well, all can be boosted.

Talkwith training is about building informed confidence around how to go about these difficult conversations.

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What We Will Cover

Talkwith CPD Training

Course Content

  • Establishing sensitive professional relationships
  • Focus on grief, loss and abuse
  • Empathy: How may they be feeling
  • Opening, encouraging and closing the conversation
  • What to say, what not to say and how to listen
  • Coping with tears. Making mistakes
  • Self-care: tools and techniques for looking after yourself when exposed to other people’s distress
  • Hear from: Chanell, Mary, Faith, John, Holly, Melody, Sharon and children Rebecca and Finlay. They all shared their tough life-changing stories with professionals. Constructively and generously, they tell us what helped and what harmed them in the process. We learn a great deal from them. Learn also from Louis Theroux around sensitive working.

How You’ll Learn

CPD Certified

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Jo is an accomplished and popular speaker at conferences and on panels, early requests advised.

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