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World Health Organisation Conference

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World Health Organisation Conference | Trauma Reporting

I recently spoke at the World Health Organisation in Geneva.

I was asked to share my work training journalists globally in how best to interview survivors of sexual abuse.

The World Health Organization Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct Stakeholder Conference gathered a rich array of insight, perspectives and expertise to inform its work around zero tolerance and its determination to tackle sexual misconduct.

Impressively led by Gamhewage, Gaya with a great support team, it was truly an honour to be part of this inspiring event which put the voices of survivors at its heart.

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Jo Healey

Founder, Trauma Reporting

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Talking Trauma Reporting...

Jo is an accomplished and popular speaker at conferences and on panels, early requests advised.

She is also available for consultancy, working with news teams on particular sensitive projects they may be about to cover.