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Life Looks Different From the Top of a Mountain…

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Life Looks Different From the Top of a Mountain... | Trauma Reporting

I found myself pondering recent feedback: My training equips journalists and media teams with good practice to work sensitively with survivors. But what really matters is how that plays out when they are under pressure…

It’s why this note from a terrific media organisation I do a lot of training for, meant so much:

A colleague who’s done your course was producing an interview the other day with a victim of sexual assault. As she left, she thanked us for taking such good care of her. She said she felt really looked after and protected, adding that it was a completely different experience to other interviews where they clearly put no thought or care into the whole process and left her feeling awful.  My colleague explained the training we do with you and she was incredibly impressed and touched that we would care so much. So thank you!

Happy Bank holiday weekend from the top of a mountain

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Jo Healey

Founder, Trauma Reporting

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Talking Trauma Reporting...

Jo is an accomplished and popular speaker at conferences and on panels, early requests advised.

She is also available for consultancy, working with news teams on particular sensitive projects they may be about to cover.